All the activities in the Conservatory of Tatuí are offered free of taxes and tuition. Those who want to become a student have to apply and audition, with different requirements according to each course. Applications are held periodically and deadlines are published in this homepage. We recommend that people interested in studying in the Conservatory regularly consult this page to keep informed about opportunities.

The following programs are offered:
Early Music (Lute, baroque guitar and theorbo, harpsichord, flute, fortepiano, baroque violin and viola, viola da gamba and baroque cello)
Bowed Strings (bass, viola, violin, cello and violin making)
Brass/wind (Euphonium, trombone, bass trombone, french horn, trumpet and tuba)
Woodwind (Clarinet, bassoon, flute, oboe, saxophone)
Classical Guitar
Conducting (Wind Ensemble and Choral)
Lyrical Singing (and Choir Singing)
Choro (musical genre that is truly Brazilian with specialized training in bandolim, cavaquinho, clarinet, flute, percussion and guitar)
MPB & Jazz (specialized training in drums, singing, clarinet, bass, flute, electric and acoustic guitar, percussion, piano, saxophone, trombone and trumpet)
Introduction to Music (for educators, musical initiation, children music initiation and Braille Music).
Theatre (youth theatre, adult theatre, scenography and make-up for performing arts).
Symphonic Percussion

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