With more than 60 years of experience in music teaching, violin making and performing arts, the Conservatory of Tatuí is a unique school in Latin America. Founded in August, 11th, 1954, the goal of the institution is to prepare not only skilled professionals, but also musicians, violin makers and actors aware of their rights and social obligations.

The Conservatory offers 100 different courses and teaches over 2,000 students coming from different parts of the country and from various countries from Latin America and even the USA and Europe. All the courses are offered for free.

Its head office is located in Tatuí, in the interior of the state of São Paulo. It has also a smaller extension located 300 Km away, in the city of São José do Rio Pardo.

Besides courses, Conservatory of Tatuí offers an impressive number of indoor events which include concerts, theatre and chamber music. The school also supports groups, which are in charge of disseminating culture, such as orchestras, wind ensembles, big bands, theater group and others. Together, they offer more than 600 shows reaching more than 120,000 people a year, in different cities/places of the state of São Paulo.

Over 60 years, Conservatory of Tatuí had already trained hundreds of talents and skilled some of the most important musicians, violin makers and actors who, nowadays, work all over the world. Internationally renowned for its excellence, the institution is a major force in the cultural life of both the state of São Paulo and Brazil as a whole, promoting substantial cultural and social changes.

Sponsored by the government of the State of São Paulo, the Conservatory of Tatuí is currently administrated by a social organization – Sustenidos Cultural Social Organization (www.sustenidos.org.br), linked to the State Secretariat of Culture and Criative Economy.

The shared management structure of the institution answers to a resolution of the Secretariat that regulates partnerships between the government and legal entities of private right for actions in the cultural area.

Besides the State government, the project also receives eventual support from companies and individuals.

Conservatório de Tatuí